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No Touch Infrared Forehead Thermometer Gun for Fever
    *[Reliable & Consistent Readings] Infrared technology, plus highly sensitive ir sensor, this digital thermometer gets an accurate reading quickly. This infrared touchless thermometer can take temp without any body contact, easily avoiding harmful matter spread and cross-infection in special situation.       *[Silent/Voice & Body/Object Mode Switchable] All useful modes are included. Easy switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius Mode. Sound (beeps) can be manually turned off easily. This no-touch thermometer can get the instant read without disturbing people at their crucial rest time at night.You can also switch body/object mode for daily needs. Green backlight to measure body temp; blue to measure object surface.     *[Large Screen Display] A swipe across forehead, and you have instant results of the temperature. Bright LCD screen makes it super quick to take readings in 1 second even at night. (1.5-2 inch test distance is suggested). In silent mode, taking nighttime temperature is fast without waking up baby when they're sleeping. Clear screen and easy-to-operate buttons make this thermometer time-saving and disturb nobody.     *[Upgraded Humanized Design] Number readings are easy to read against the green, blue, and red color coding of screen. Green backlight indicates normal; Blue for moderate; Red for fever. Automatic power-saving shutdown. [Memory Function] This thermometer intelligently stores 32 recent temperature readings, convenient to track the changes of your baby/family's temperature.      *[Wide Application] This digital temperature thermometer can not only take human body temperature, but also object temp, like food, milk, water, bath water, BBQ, grilling, wine. Suitable for family use, room, hotels, libraries, enterprises, schools, railway stations, airports, etc. [Service&Package]Package included: Infrared Thermometer *1, Clear User Manual*1. *Note* White/Black shipped at random due to hot sale. Any question about this fast delivery household necessity, please contact us.

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